Watch Henrik Stenson Break His Club Over His Knee In Fury At The Masters

Swedish golfer Henrik Stenson parted ways with his club when he decided to break it over his knee in frustration at the Masters on Thursday.

Stenson landed his ball in the rough at the 15th hole during the second round of the Masters. He managed to keep his iron alive but battered by ramming it into the ground, according to the Washington Post, but the fury building up was about to explode. When Henrik failed miserably to get the ball out of the rough and it landed in the water, it was the end for the club.

Henrik Stenson gave in to his hot temper and broke his club over his knee to show it who was boss. Stenson continued onward without flinching and left his legendary temper behind for the day, but not out of people’s minds.

According to the Huffington Post, Henrik Stenson is no stranger to temper tantrums. He once killed a club with a snap over his knee at the 2014 British Open. Before that, in 2013, Henrik decided to break the head off his driver at the BMW Championship and trashed his locker room.

Reportedly, Stenson is greatly aware of his hot temper and claims he can “channel” his frustrations and usually focus it into something better when the opportunity arises. However, he admits that anger management is a work in progress. In an interview with Golf Channel, Henrik revisited some of his heated moments and explained how he continues to push forward and learn from his experiences every day.

Even though the day at the Masters wasn’t a calming one for Stenson, he was able to tie for 47th place and leave one stroke over par. Henrik Stenson is currently ranked as the world’s second best golfer by Official World Golf Ranking.

[Photo by Stuart Franklin Bongarts/Getty Images]