Could Nina Dobrev Leaving ‘Vampire Diaries’ Give The Show New Life?

Nina Dobrev's departure

Nina Dobrev leaving the Vampire Diaries before season 7 has made at least one of her co-stars pretty mad at her. Obviously the fact that Nina Dobrev is one of the main stars of the show, who has played a number of different characters in the series, has people a bit concerned about where the program might go without her. Still there are some who are wondering whether Nina Dobrev’s departure might actually be a good thing for a show that has gone a bit stale.

As the Christian Post points out, Nina Dobrev took to Instagram to tell her fans that she plans on leaving the Vampire Diaries because she always saw her main character, Elena, as a storyline that would eventually come to an end. The actress clearly sees that character’s storyline coming to an end sooner than fans and co-stars had expected. Former boyfriend Ian Somerhalder is one of the co-stars who worked quite hard to get her stay at least for one more season.

That work was being done despite the fact that there are more than a few people who understand it would probably be better for both of them if they weren’t working on the show together anymore. Den of Geek points out that everyone, including the network itself, will probably benefit if Nina Dobrev tells Ian thanks but no thanks and sticks to her guns as far as leaving. Love triangles can only be interesting for so long and the one Between Nina Dobrev’s character and the two main vampires probably lost its luster a little while ago.

It’s time for Vampire Diaries to evolve and that will be easier to do with Nina Dobrev walking out of the spotlight. As others have pointed out, Nina Dobrev’s character is actually a bit of an energy suck of late and that is just one of the reasons the next phase of the show should be going on without her. She isn’t the girl who is trying to find her way in a supernatural way anymore. Now she’s one of those supernatural creatures. That makes her less of a damsel in distress and more of a less interesting character.

Perhaps it’s time to find someone new to step into the role of damsel. It would make sense to have at least one person on the show not possessing a ton of different powers. Make someone vulnerable again. That’s why Nina Dobrev’s departure could actually be good for the Vampire Diaries.

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