‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Spoilers: Andrew Lincoln Doesn’t Think Morgan Jones And Rick Grimes Will Be BFFs

Season 6 of The Walking Dead seems further away than a trek from Georgia to Washington D.C. on roads littered with wrecked cars and walking corpses. But at least its surviving cast members are trying to make the wait a bit more bearable by giving fans an idea of what to expect when the show returns.

According to Cinema Blend, AMC recently released a video that features the cast and crew of The Walking Dead sharing their thoughts about season 6. As the Inquisitr previously reported, there’s a chance that Morgan Jones (Lennie James) could replace Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) as the second-in-command of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). However, it might take a while for Morgan to convince the Ricktator that he’s not always right.

As Cinema Blend points out, Morgan and Rick were at two very different places when they reunited for the second time. Morgan had recently spared the lives of the Wolves who tried to rob and murder him, and Rick had just executed a man. Morgan thinks that every life is precious and worth saving, but Rick understands that some people are just too dangerous to keep around. If the old friends could meet in the middle, they’d make a great team. However, in the video below, Andrew Lincoln hints that Rick and Morgan are going to have a tough time seeing eye-to-eye when The Walking Dead returns this October.

“What I’m excited about is potentially a reunion between those two great men and great friends, but also splintering ideologies. It seems like this is a man that is about peace now, and Rick is the polar opposite. So I think that that’s gonna cause a lot of conflict and confusion.”

Maybe Morgan Jones will find a new friend in Glenn. He demonstrated that he shares Morgan’s mentality when he decided to let Nicholas live. And just look at everything that rat-faced Alexandrian did before Glenn spared his life — Nicholas got Noah killed, he tried to leave everyone behind to die, he lied about what happened during that fateful run, and he tried to kill Glenn in cold blood. If anyone will be willing to listen to Morgan, it will be Glenn.

During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, The Walking Dead Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd explained why Glenn decided to spare Nicholas’ life.

“Glenn would have become Nicholas — not a cowardly Nicholas — but someone who could kill someone else. That final image that he saw of Noah in the revolving door — it would have been in defiance of everything that Noah had left him: Survive but don’t lose who you are; don’t become one of them. Don’t become Nicholas. Don’t become Aiden.”

Hopefully, Rick’s recent behavior isn’t a sign that he’s turning into someone like Shane or the Governor.

So what made Morgan Jones come to his own conclusion that killing other people is always the wrong thing to do? It’s highly likely that he has encountered his fair share of horrible human beings after surviving on his own for so long, so how does he not share Rick Grimes’ mentality? Walking Dead fans can only hope that they’ll get a flashback episode that shows Morgan snapping out of his insanity and becoming the “Zen warrior” that he is now.

Morgan Jones and Rick Grimes might clash over killing the living, but the living might not be their main concern during season 6. Showrunner Scott Gimple already stated humans won’t be the survivor’s biggest threat, and Gale Anne Hurd pretty much confirmed that the Alexandrians will soon be dealing with a major walker infestation. Luckily, Morgan proved that he has no problem putting down the undead when he saved Daryl Dixon and Aaron from the Wolves’ booby trap.

Are you looking forward to a season of The Walking Dead with more undead, and do you think Morgan and Rick will compromise and come up with an effective way to deal with the deadly living that doesn’t involve killing all potential threats immediately?

[Image credit: Gene Page/AMC]