National Siblings Day: Some Feuding, Some Fun, And Some Falls

Siblings might love each other or hate each other, but there’s no question they share a bond. National Siblings Day on April 10 was a chance to strengthen that bond, a day for siblings to get together for forgiveness if there’s tension on other days of the year, or for celebration if they are the lucky ones and every day is National Siblings Day. These twin boys are a charming example of young sibling love!

It’s not always that easy, and celebrity siblings have just as much trouble as the people who watch their troubles day after day. Siblings Martin Luther King III, Dexter Scott King, and Bernice King are in a legal battle over ownership of national hero Martin Luther King’s bible. The brothers want to sell the bible to finance the estate, but sibling Bernice won’t agree. They are all in a difficult spot, coping with the pressure of national recognition and expectation. Andrew Young, who was with King when he was assassinated, is close to all the siblings and expresses deep sympathy for their predicament.

“We gave them pain but no fortune. There have been enormous expectations put upon them, but almost no assistance. They have been living under a very difficult burden all of their lives, and still are.”

The King siblings may not be able to match the national prominence of their famous father and make peace for a day, but Elizabeth Whitley, writing for the International Business Times, would recommend it if they asked her.

“Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate your siblings. As children, you fought over toys and car seats; as adults, you argue over perceived slights, or shared responsibilities. But April 10 is National Sibling Day, which means it’s time to put away hard feelings and remember why brothers and sisters are so special.”

Other siblings across the country laid down the hatchet on National Siblings Day, got together for a family day and shared the love on Instagram

National Siblings Day Sibling Love

We fight on the daily but my love for them will never end #nationalsiblingsday

Celebrities joined the sibling fun, with many spending the day arm in arm at the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival in the California desert.

Leading the pack were sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton, who were followed by Kylie and Kendall Jenner as well as Dylan and her brother Hopper Penn.

It wasn’t all fun and games that day, as Kylie Jenner found out after she fell while running with sibling Kendall on the beach. There were were even rumours that Kendall might have given her sister a not-so-helping hand! It all turned out well, with no hard feelings.

That’s the great thing about siblings. Their relationship might take a tumble, but they’ll always help each other up again.

[Image courtesy of Instagram]