Dr. Oz: Giuliana Weight Loss Criticized But Giuliana Rancic’s Memoir Admits Eating Disorder [Video]

Giuliana Rancic talks weight loss.

Dr. Mehmet Oz invited Giuliana Rancic to discuss her weight loss on his show. But the discussion between the two of them became a topic for a subsequent analysis by Dr. Oz over what really caused Rancic to be so thin, reported Us Weekly.

“She’s on Tamoxifen because of the cancer and she will be on that for a while. It does cause you to lose some weight,” admitted the TV talk show host.

However, Dr. Oz listed two additional reasons why the 40-year-old E! News TV personality has been so criticized for displaying her very slim body in attire such as off-the-shoulder gowns.

“She has a fast metabolism, plus she has scoliosis. All those things that make her look even thinner than she really is, but there’s no question that she’s too skinny,” admitted Dr. Oz.

But the now married mom of a 2-year-old still finds herself repeatedly questioned about whether she has an eating disorder.

“I have never had an eating disorder,” she insisted. “I wanted to be very clear about that. In fact, I eat a lot. People always love to tweet: ‘Eat a burger.’ I eat burgers. It’s not working.”

However, now Giuliana Rancic’s new memoir is revealing her admission about a past history of eating disorders, reported Radar Online.

“I sank into a depression,” recalls Rancic of a romance that soured in the past. “The only thing that made me feel better was dessert.”

Although she says that she’s always liked sweets, Giuliana now confesses that she suffered from an eating disorder that caused uncontrollable food binges.

“I’ve always had a sweet tooth, but sugar became my drug, and I went on a binge every single night.”

During the time that she suffered from binge eating disorder, Giuliana consumed as many as four desserts each night. She would meet up with four different pals, alternating sweets such as hot fudge sundaes, cheesecake, and pie in one night.

“In the morning, I would look at myself in the mirror and start crying.”

As a result of the binge eating, Giuliana gained 18 pounds and had physical symptoms such as skin eruptions and feeling ill.

To take back control, Rancic went to a nutrition expert, who she says trained her to eat fruit instead of sweets.

“I know that this was an addiction… I was like a crackhead who meets her dealer under the bridge,” said Rancic about her eating disorder.

But did she take that desire to eat healthy too far? As the Inquisitr reported, Giuliana is now honest about criticizing her own weight loss.

“Trust me, I don’t want to lose weight. I don’t think it looks attractive,” admitted Giuliana. “I think I used to be more attractive. But I’m doing the best I can.”

[Image Via Giuliana Rancic/Instagram]