Lady Gaga Takes Aim At Bullying, Encourages Kids To Spread Kindness

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation is attempting to have kids rethink how they view the world around them, specifically how they socially interact with other kids and the effects their actions might have. In simple terms Gaga wants kids to understand bullying and the bad things it can lead to.

When asked by Time how she would get an 11-year-old girl to follow her advice Gaga revealed:

“She could go up to one person in class who maybe is not one of the cool kids and say, ‘I really like your T-shirt.’ That would be her one great loving and accepting deed for the day.”

It’s that type of “take action” initiative that has led Lady Gaga to battle bullying. Basically she wants to “inspire bravery” in young people while helping them create a more accepting society at a younger age.

Gaga revealed in her interview that she was also bullied in school and she says she wants to make it “cool or normal to be kind and loving.”

While the Born This Way Foundation is doing everything in it’s power to encourage acceptance the “Poker Face” singer says she realizes it’s a long process that involves not demonizing bullies while still teaching them that other kids won’t stand for their mean ways. As Gaga puts it:

“We do not make a distinction between the bully and the victim. Each person is an equally important and valuable member of society. What the foundation is about is a transformative change that is going to take a long time to affect the overall culture. Bullies were born this way, too.”

Do you stand with Lady Gaga in her approach?