‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ To Become An Actual TV Show? Sources Say ‘Sort-Of’

The Rocky Horror Picture Show still remains a very popular, albeit very odd and possibly weirdest, cult film in history. The film’s fame has long out-lived the original 70s’ release, with regular yearly showings where costumed-clad fans flock to theaters re-showing the cult film It has been often imitated, but yet to be duplicated, until now.

Though based on a play, not unlike another campy horror treat such as Little Shop of Horrors, the musical film version has surpassed the original by leaps and bounds.

According to Comicbook, Fox is doing something very special to mark the upcoming 40th Anniversary of Rocky Horror Picture Show. A television remake of the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show film is on its way to Fox. It will come, not in the form of an actual TV show, but a two-hour television special titled Rocky Horror Picture Show Event that would “readapt the classic film’s score and script with a drastically different visual style.”

The last time anything Rocky Horror-related came to TV, it was in the form of a Glee episode, according to the Inquisitr.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, the longest running theatrical distribution in history, has actually been in the works for more than a decade. Deadline reports that Fox, under Gail Berman and David Madden, was planning on a 2013 release for the remake to mark the Rocky Horror Show musical’s 30th anniversary. There is no word why the campy, horror musical was shelved until now. Oddly enough, the duo of Berman and Madden are still producing the Rocky Horror remake from the exact opposite jobs they had in 2002.

Berman, who is a self-proclaimed “Rocky Horror fan since I was a Teenager,” has a theater background and started her off her producing career on Broadway. She had actually tried to produce a similar Rocky Horror Picture Show remake for MTV in 2008, but it never fully made its way to the small screen. The director slated for this Rocky Horror TV remake, Kenny Ortega, has musical cred with the likes of This Is It and High School Musical.

Though it is moving forward, and this time seems definite, a cast is still yet to be seen. Sadly, it is unlikely the Rocky Horror Picture Show film cast will return.

The TV remake is expected to say true to the text and music score, but “greatly” re-imagine the “visuals.” Somehow, one must imagine the man that will replace Tim Curry’s “sweet transvestite from Transylvania” might be a little tamed. For those aware of the film’s content at least, would presume you might see Curry’s replacement running around in lady’s undergarments. Then again, maybe it is something more drastic.

[Image Via Creative Commons/Flickr/Rocky Horror Picture Show]

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