Kendrick Perkins Gets Away With Worst Travel Foul In NBA History

Kendrick Perkins committed arguably the worst travel foul in basketball history during the Cleveland Cavaliers game against the Miami Heat.

Perkins was picked out by basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal for his grievous error, which you can watch in all of its glory below.

Perkins somehow managed to get away with his absolutely horrendous foul, which consisted of nine steps, during the contest. In fact, he committed three travels in a row, all without the referees noticing.

The Cleveland Cavaliers eventually ran out 114-88 winners over the Heat, so it probably wasn’t pivotal to the result. However, it will still make for awkward viewing for the officials involved.

Shaquille O’Neal revealed Perkins’ foul during his “Shaqtin’ A Fool” segment on TNT. This weekly presentation sees O’Neal lambast some of the sport’s most embarrassing and shameful plays of the past seven days.

Unfortunately for Perkins, he was the one who was subjected to abuse this week. Perkins can been seen wandering around aimlessly for nine steps before he finally decides to offload the ball to one of his teammates.

It’s the sort of thing that you’d usually expect to see in a high school encounter or a game in a park. In fact, it’s impossible to know whether we should all judge the officials for failing to punish Perkins for his blatant abuse of the rules or be impressed with Perkins for somehow getting away with it.

Perkins is far from the only individual to commit such a heinous act on the baseball court. Andre Miller once took six steps during an encounter, however, he was actually punished for his foul.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Wade got away with another traveling violation during Miami Heat’s performance against the Portland Trail Blazers towards the end of December of 2014. In fact, the history of the NBA is littered with unpunished travelling violations.

Let’s just hope that the officials involved in this mistake actually learn from the error of their ways, because these constant mistakes are becoming laughable.

[Image via Rant Sports]