‘Grey’s Anatomy’: What’s Next For Owen And Amelia? [Spoilers]

Things got a little complicated last night for Owen and Amelia on Grey’s Anatomy. If you didn’t check out last night’s episode, we suggest you stop reading now.

On last night’s episode, we saw Amelia struggling to separate her professional and personal life. Since she moved to Seattle, Amelia has been trying to make a new life for herself as a successful doctor. She’s been trying to distance herself away from being under her older brother’s shadow. She’s also tried to pick up the pieces after she experienced a painful heartache before she headed to Seattle.

As a recovering addict, Amelia has tried to center herself the best she could to live a calm life. Chief of surgery Owen Hunt sweeping her off of her feet has complicated that considerably. Last night saw Owen stepping in and agreeing with Amelia over Callie on a procedure that left the patient with a horrible fate.

Due to Owen siding with Amelia when he could have accepted Callie’s plan, Amelia confronted Owen and ultimately decided their relationship wasn’t going to work out. Actress Caterina Scorsone told the Hollywood Reporter how sister-in-law Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) kind of led her to making this decision about Owen.

“Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) definitely bursts her bubble a little bit and reminds her of her history and track record with tragic outcomes in the love department. That sends Amelia into a bit of an emotional tailspin.”

She continued to give perspective about how Meredith’s opinion affected Amelia’s decision about Owen. Especially when Meredith told her that she promised Cristina she would look out for Owen, which means she didn’t really have faith in Amelia.

“Meredith’s feelings of doubt about Amelia and Owen’s relationship pulls the rug out from under Amelia in terms of her feelings about the relationship and she starts to rethink and reconsider what she’s doing and get scared that she’s going to end up down the same tragic path she’s gone down before — and that she’s not invited to the happiness party that most people are invited to in love. Amelia’s fears are stoked and she ends up reacting in a very fear-based way — and acting out in a way that affects her relationship with Owen.”

Where do you think Owen and Amelia will end up on Grey’s Anatomy? Do you think their saga has only begun, or is this romance really over?

[Image via ABC]