‘Neverwinter’ Level Cap Increases, Offers New Oathbound Paladin Class With ‘Elemental Evil’ Expansion

Neverwinter's Oathbound Paladin

Neverwinter, the free-to-play Dungeons and Dragons MMO from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment, just grew larger with the release of the “Elemental Evil” expansion. The launch of the new content was announced earlier in the week on the official Twitter account for Neverwinter, and it was supplemented with information on the expansion’s details.

Specifically, the official website was updated with a little lore on what heroes can expect when logging in to the game. In addition to the setting, Neverwinter players can expect an increased level cap of 70 and a new class, the Oathbound Paladin, to master.

“The Cults of Elemental Evil have amassed their forces to take over the Sword Coast and reduce all life down to its four basic elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. With each element comes a terrifying coterie of cultists more dangerous than the next. Fortunately for the good citizens of Neverwinter, the Sword Coast factions have lent their strength to the cause of driving out the menacing cultists and saving the Sword Coast.”

With the increased level cap, players can, of course, expect new gear to loot and new power points to spend. Additionally, the level cap on companions is also increasing to level 40 allowing them to equip legendary gear. Those starting out new can enjoy the Oathbound Paladin; a class that can specialize in Devotion or Protection.


“Paladins approach both of their roles in relatively unique ways, and we are going to touch on each of their Oaths separately to reveal a little more about how they perform their role in a party of adventurers. Firstly is the Oath of Protection which turns the Paladin into a powerful tank who can protect allies and avert harm”

The Oathbound Paladin in Neverwinter can be either a supportive healer or a formative tank. As a paladin fights it earns charges of Divine Call up to a maximum of three. A Devotion paladin will heal allies in an area when expending a charge while a Protection paladin will taunt foes in an area.

“On the other hand we have Paladins who take an Oath of Devotion who channel powerful holy energies to heal their allies and mend their wounds. Devotion Paladins use an At Will heal, Cure Wounds, to provide a constant stream of outgoing healing while using their encounter powers to react to different situations that may arise.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Neverwinter recently launched on Xbox One with “Tyranny of Dragons” content enabled. That major content update released before “Rise of Tiamat” which was the last major update before “Elemental Evil” on the PC. “Elemental Evil” is live now on the PC version of Neverwinter and is expected to show up on the Xbox One version in time.

What sounds like the best part of the “Elemental Evil” expansion to you?

[Images via ArcGames.com]