Windows 8 Available For Download: Microsoft Releases Test Version of New Operating System

The latest versions of Windows is almost here. Microsoft gave a sneak peak at its new operating system Windows 8, which the company is hoping will help reestablish itself at the top of the tech world, today in Barcelona.

As the focus continues to shift more and more toward mobile computing, Windows 7, which was the fastest selling operating system ever, is starting to look archaic. Windows 8 aims to be a mainstay on desktop computers but it will also run on tablets.

Steven Sinofsky, head of Microsoft’s flagship Windows unit, demonstrated Windows 8 today in Barcelona. Sinofsky said:

“It’s an even better Windows than Windows 7. It’s incredibly fast and fluid to just navigate this UI (user interface).”

Yahoo reports that Windows 7 has racked up $545 million in sales over the last three years, but Microsoft still finds itself out of the spotlight thanks to companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google.

Sinofsky also introduced the Windows Store during his presentation today. Windows users will be able to download apps and get access to cloud storage through the Windows store. Windows 8 also features Microsoft’s latest version of Internet Explorer, IE 10.

The test version of Windows 8 also includes mail, calendar, and messenger. Windows Office was not available.

You can download a version of Windows 8 now at, but for the moment, it’s not available on tablets. The preview of Windows 8 will only work on PCs running standard Intel Corp x86 chips.

Microsoft doesn’t have a release date yet for Windows 8, but the Chicago Tribune expects the new platform to hit the market this fall.

Are you excited for Windows 8?