Olivia Wilde Signs On For ‘Tron 3’ Co-Starring Garrett Hedlund

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Olivia Wilde has signed on to reprise her role in the upcoming Tron 3 film, directed by Joseph Kosinski. Wilde played the high-flying, butt-kicking computer programmed character named Quorra in Tron: Legacy.

Legacy was the sequel to the original Tron film released back in 1982. While the original, which starred Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner, wasn’t notable at the time of its release, it did manage to gain a cult following and became fairly significant in the filmmaking world. Due to its popularity, Disney launched the sequel in 2010.

The sequel followed the son of Bridges’ character, played by Garrett Hedlund, who jumps into the Grid — a computer programmed world brought to life — in order to find out what happened to his father. After Legacy achieved monetary success, grossing around $400 million worldwide, Disney decided another film in the hit franchise was in order.

Along with Wilde’s commitment, it is also being reported that Hedlund has agreed to revive his character in the movie franchise. Hedlund said back in 2012 that he was willing to reprise his role if another Tron movie was made, but production of Tron 3 has been slow in developing.

While Tron 3 is still in the development phase, Hedlund is set to play Hook in Warner Bros’ upcoming rendition of Peter Pan, while Wilde recently starred in the horror film The Lazarus Effect, produced by Blumhouse.

Olivia Wilde has also been keeping busy outside of her roles on the big screen. According to Upstart, the actress has been working with her e-commerce site, Conscious Commerce, and recently enjoyed being the face of H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection.

H&M is breaking into the sustainable market with apparel made from organic cotton, linen, Tencel, and recycled polyester and partnered with Wilde’s company for their launch. Wilde co-founded her company with Barbara Burchfield with the goal of creating a connection between brands and charities, and allowing people to give to charities whenever they buy particular brands.

In working with various charities, Wilde quickly discovered that many of the organizations were only going after wealthy donors to receive funds. Wilde wanted the ordinary consumer to have a chance at making an impact in various charitable organizations and hatched the idea for her present company.

“It would be shocking when a product isn’t somehow helping the people who made it,” Wilde told Forbes of her non-traditional approach to charitable work.

Fans can catch Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund in Tron 3, which is expected to begin production this fall in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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