iOS, Android and Blackberry hit with new browser vulnerability

Another day and another security problem for Apple but this time they aren’t alone as the recently discovered vulnerability also affects both Android and Blackberry. The reason why all three are susceptible is because the browsers used on the three platforms all use the same engine: WebKit, an open source browser rendering engine.

The vulnerability was discovered by security firm CrowdStrike and they will be releasing the full details of what they found at the RSA conference that starts this coming Wednesday but from what has been released so far it would appear tha tthe exploit could allow for the remote execution of code on any infected system and that a device can be come infected with a simple click of a web page link.

Of course this would mean that there would have to be some sort of payload waiting to be delivered and installed when the link was clicked. When it comes to that aspect CrowdStrike has said that they have been able to modify already existing Android based malware to be delivered via the exploit that they found.

If this is indeed the case it would seem that the Android platform could be facing a wave of malware attacks before the other two platforms but that doesn’t mean that Apple and Blackberry can afford to be unconcerned if the exploit discovered by CrowdStrike proves to be a valid claim.

via Redmond Pie