NFL Shifts Traditional Season Opener From Thursday To Wednesday Night

The National Football League (NFL) will begin with a Wednesday night season opener in 2012, side stepping the leagues traditional Thursday night start.

The shift was announced after President Barack Obama said he would give a scheduled speech for the Democratic National Convention on Sept. 6. If the NFL was to start the regular season at that time the game would be cut off for the Presidents Speech.

The season opening game on Sept. 5 will include the Super Bowl champion New York Giants. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also announced that the game which will take place at MetLife stadium will start at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Who will play the New York Giants on Wednesday Sept. 5 still hasn’t been revealed and the league won’t release their games schedule for at least a few months.

The last time a Wednesday game was played was Sept. 22, 1948 when the St. Louis Rams took on the Detroit Lions.

Since 2002 every single NFL regular season has kicked off on a Thursday night.

Not that it matters but it will be interesting to see how NFL fans react to watching a Wednesday night game. At least after a Thursday night close call NFL fans can call in sick to work the next morning, but a Thursday call in seems like such a waste of a personal day.

Will you be watching the Wednesday night game when it airs?