Jax Taylor Responds To Brandi Glanville’s Claims Of Making ‘Vanderpump Rules’ A Success

Jax Taylor is amused by Brandi Glanville’s recent claims about her part in the success of Vanderpump Rules. In her latest blog, as the Inquisitr reported, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star claimed Lisa Vanderpump should be happy that she “delivered” ratings for the series.

On Twitter on April 8, Jax Taylor responded to an article about the news, telling his fans, “You have to be kidding.”

In her April 8 Bravo blog entry, Glanville wrote the following to Vanderpump.

“You talked me into giving you an intro for ‘Vanderpump Rules’, I delivered our audience and our ratings for you, so maybe be happy.”

After Jax Taylor shared the article, and his response, fans on Twitter weighed in, claiming the Bravo star had gone off the “deep end” with her outrageous remarks.

Other fan comments regarding Glanville claim were also in agreement with Jax Taylor.

“Can you say ‘Delusional’???”

“After watching the reunion show last nite…Her ugliness is starting to show on her face…she and Kim…very ugly inside and out.”

“No it’s because Lisa is so loved!”

“She is the most annoying person in the world… Wish ppl would stop giving her attention!!”

“LOL!! you just gotta laugh at this chick at some point. Pffft!”

In January, 2013, when the first season of Vanderpump Rules premiered, it was seen after a crossover scene, which featured Glanville and Jax Taylor’s co-star, Scheana Marie Shay, who had an affair with Glanville’s ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, many years ago. During the scene, Glanville and Shay discussed her and Cibrian’s relationship, but when the conversation ended, they still hadn’t settled their differences. Although the crossover moment only lasted minutes, Glanville believes it was a huge draw for viewers.

While Glanville’s chat with Jax Taylor’s co-star was interesting to watch, giving her credit for the series’ ratings is more than a little far-fetched. Sure, she helped the ratings for the premiere episode, but she has nothing to do with the ongoing success the show has had.

Last year, Jax Taylor’s reality show actually beat The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during a handful of episodes — none of which included or mentioned Glanville.

Since season one, Jax Taylor and the cast of Vanderpump Rules have continued to draw viewers with their SUR Lounge drama, as well as their friends and their relationships, and with or without Glanville, they are doing more than okay.

Jax Taylor and the rest of the cast are expected to return for season four sometime late this year or early next year.

[Photo via Twitter]