Lisa Rinna Sends Kim Richards Threatening Text Messages: What Did She Say To Cause Her Co-Star Fear?

Lisa Rinna may have taken her feud with Kim Richards a bit too far when she sent a threatening message to her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ co-star. Richards says the text proves Rinna is out to hurt people.

In a sneak peek of the third and final installment of the RHOBH reunion, Kim Richards reveals she received a not-so-nice text message from Lisa Rinna the day after the finale party, the content of which makes the reality TV star fearful of a physical assault at the hands of her cast mate.

“Be very careful or I will f*ck you up. You be nice to your sister. You believe her and stop telling lies…in that order. Thanks.”

Kim says she received more texts from Lisa the very next day.

“You need to get wise. Brandi is not telling the truth. She is lying. I should’ve said that to you in that moment, but I didn’t want another Amsterdam to happen and it would have. Your behavior and the way you treat people is not okay. You are nasty and you need to be stopped now.”

After revealing the threatening text messages, Kim Richards tells Andy Cohen that is when she “really got frightened.”

Andy then asks Lisa Rinna to explain why she sent those texts to Kim. She says she just was not “finished with everything” and that she has a real issue when it comes to people trying to “shush” her up, which her co-star tried to do. When Lisa tries to explain where her issue stems from (her father, who shut her down a lot) and becomes teary-eyed, Kim turns to Brandi Glanville with a grin on her face and says, “Oh, she’s going to cry now.” When Rinna tells her to back off, Richards, who no longer seems frightened, confronts her co-star.

“You’re going to cry now because people see that you want to hurt me and that you keep telling me you really want to be there for me and you want to help me, but the truth is you have a problem and want to hurt people.”

Andy has to step in and tell Kim Richards to allow Lisa Rinna to finish her explanation for sending the texts. The RHOBH newcomer says Kim was repeatedly telling her not to talk, trying to shut her down, which Rinna says made her “lose it.”

Kim’s revelation of Lisa’s text message comes after the two go head-to-head on the April 7 episode of the RHOBH reunion. When rehashing the Amsterdam scene, Lisa Rinna still wants to know what Harry Hamlin did and begs Kim to tell everyone, according to E! Online. Richards insists whatever rumors she has heard are “private.” Richards also tells Andy that she must have struck a nerve with her co-star for her implication about there being trouble at home to cause such a violent reaction from Rinna.

Part three of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion airs Tuesday, April 14 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

[Image by Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo]