Teachers Surprise Thank You Checks: Former Student Writes $10K Checks To High School Teachers

A man who graduated from his Missouri high school in 1977 sent his old teachers surprise thank you checks in the amount of $10,000 each. It was his way of showing appreciation for all that he’s achieved in his life.

ABC News spoke with one of the teachers who received Kevin Perz’s surprise thank you check. The Parkway Central High School teacher was the last one that Perz had been trying to find for years. Perz was in Marilyn Mecham’s co-ed food class during her first year of teaching. She’s touched that one of her first students worked so hard to find her.

“I was so appreciative to have somebody spend all that time looking for you to tell that you meant so much in their life,” Mecham said.

Perz was finally able to send her a surprise thank you check when he found her current phone number. The two talked over the phone, which was moving enough for Mecham. Little did she know that he wanted to go the extra mile in showing his appreciation.

Perz lives in Kansas and works in construction distribution. Daily Mail reveals that his business is Dynamic Softener. It sells tools and fasteners to commercial contractors throughout the nation. He began sending teachers surprise thank you checks in 1992. He first sent his calculus teacher $5,000, and 20 years later he sent $10,000 to his business teacher. Mecham got her $10,000 this year. Her food co-ed class taught students to work in groups and cook different kinds of meals.

What he’s gained from his teachers has impacted Perz’s life. He said everybody can think of someone who has made a difference in their life.

“Everybody in their life can always think back to someone in their life who had an impact, if it’s a teacher or a boy scout leader or anyone.”

Perz made it clear in his note that he wanted Mecham to use the $10,000 solely on herself. He writes that it’s “intended to be 100% used on you & your personal life. I would be sad if you didn’t spend it all on yourself.”

Mecham says since she received the generous thank you from her former student, that she was inspired to encourage others to share similar stories on her Facebook page.

Kind gestures can be contagious and lead to others looking inward for ways they can express heartfelt kindness. Perz sending his teachers surprise thank you checks is a big one to measure up to, but it’s truly the thought and effort put into what you express that recipients are grateful for.

[Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot]