‘GTA V’ Release News: PC Version Reviews, Track From Album, And Pre-Order Deals Available

Reviews have already come in for GTA V. The PC version for Grand Theft Auto V won’t get released until next week, but some gamers already have their hands on it and are giving their input. Rockstar Games is adding new features into the game such as visualization options and improvements to the editor mode.

Rockstar North spoke to Game Spot about what they focused on when creating the PC version of GTA V. They also hinted as to what fans can expect while playing the game.

“Our focus was to make the game run well on a wide range of hardware so that as many people could experience the game as possible. In order to do that we spent a lot of time working on making various different aspects of the game scalable and accessible to the player. There are over 25 parameters you can tweak that can optimize graphics and performance. The game will automatically optimize the settings for your hardware when you first start it up, but you have a great deal of freedom.”

Rockstar North has reportedly been working on GTA V for the past five years, according to the news source. The team had to stay motivated and enthusiastic about this recent release ever since they started working on it. Of course, it wasn’t always easy, and they explained how they made working on the project fun.

“We released GTA V on PS3 and Xbox 360 18 months ago and since then we have extended GTA Online multiple times, released builds on PS4 and Xbox One and are about to release the PC version. If we had been doing straight ports of GTA V, I don’t think it would have been as much fun for the teams. But in the last 18 months with each release we have been adding major new content and features. First person changed how we viewed the game. Heists was a major new online component. I’m really excited to see what the GTA community can do with the Rockstar editor. And with each release the visual look of the game has improved drastically, you can’t not get excited when you see the game running on a 4k screen at 60fps.”

GTA V is expected to be the best game when it comes to in-class graphics. Rockstar says that the game supports 4K resolution “and beyond,” according to The Game Informer. The PC Version is the only game that runs at 60 frames per second. GTA V also has better draw distances from Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games.

The Game Informer also noted that GTA V is now fully functional on GTA Online. It also includes the Rockstar Editor, Director Mode, and custom soundtracks on the Self Radio station. Speaking of music, GTA V fans can listen to a track from the new album entitled Welcome to Los Santos. Fans can listen to “Speedline Miracle Masterpiece” by Tunde Adebimpe featuring Sal P & Sinkane on SoundCloud. If you love the track, you can pre-order the GTA V album on iTunes. The album is set to release on April 21.

Along with reviews and album tracks, pre-order deals for Grand Theft Auto V on PC are already out. Gamers can save 25 percent off the list price, which is $60.00. That means you can pre-order GTA V for only $45.00 on Dealzon. GTA V for PC is set to release on April 14. Check out the two new trailers below.

Are you excited about the release of Grand Theft Auto V, which has been five years in the making?

[Image: Grand Theft Auto V Cover Artwork/Rockstar Games]