Duggar Baby Name Israel: Why Did Jill Duggar, Derrick Dillard Choose The Name Israel?

Jill Duggar and Derrick Dillard’s baby name is Israel David Dillard, and many fans have been curious about why the couple chose the unique name. According to People Magazine, the name was actually inspired by a 2011 trip to the Holy Land. Jill went on this pilgrimage with her family and was really moved by the experience.

“Jill and her husband Derick clearly chose the name well in advance of Monday’s birth, since baby Israel sported a onesie with his name embroidered across the front in his first picture revealed to the public. Derick is also wearing a shirt that says ‘Israel Defense Forces’ in the picture.”

The new Duggar-Dillard baby name was not expected, but many feel as though it is a beautiful name for a little boy and were just left wondering how the new parents decided upon it. It is more than likely that Jill and Derrick will talk more about their name choice, as much of their pregnancy has been filmed for 19 Kids And Counting. According to the Washington Post, some of Israel’s birth has also been filmed for the show, and is expected to air in May.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the baby’s birth was fairly routine, but not everything went as planned by Jill and Derrick. Jill hinted that the complications they encountered (likely because the baby arrived several days after he was due) will be addressed on 19 Kids And Counting.

“Not everything went as expected. So we were reminded of the verse that the Bible talks about when ‘Man plans his way but the Lord directs his steps.’ We were encouraged by that. He’s just a handsome little fella and we’d like everybody to stay tuned to TLC. May fifth, they’re going to be showing the birth episode as well as things surrounding that.”

Meanwhile, the Duggars are thrilled to welcome a new life into their family.

“We are so thankful for a healthy Mom and baby. Love this sweet baby Israel! We are happy grandparents and we promise more pictures soon,” they posted on Facebook after the baby’s arrival.

Do you like the Duggar baby name? Are you excited to see Israel David’s birth on the show next month? Do you think that Jill and Derrick will have more children in the future? Of course everyone seems to be waiting for Jessa and Ben Seewald to have a pregnancy announcement of their own at this point.

[Photo courtesy of Jill Dillard/Instagram]