Kate Middleton Maternity Leave: How Long Will The Duchess Take Off?

As Kate Middleton prepares to give birth to her second child in less than two years, many are wondering how long a maternity leave she will take with this royal baby.

You may remember that Duchess Kate barely took two months off when her firstborn, Prince George, was born in 2013, and apparently, she has some regrets. The lead up to the birth of the third in line to the British throne was a circus and the fact that Kate seemed to be over due made matters even worse.

The media was parked in front of St. Mary’s Hospital in London were she was due to give birth for days. The loyal subjects were speculating as to the sex of the baby and in general, everyone was watching for any new developments, which must have been a stressful time for Duchess Kate.

According to a report in People magazine, Kate Middleton will be taking a longer maternity leave than she took with Prince George, now 21-months-old. Sources say the 30-year-old mother-to-be says she wants to take time to enjoy the bonding of her two children.

“She felt she came back too soon last time,” a royal source said. “She wants to have that [family] and enjoy it with George and the new baby.”

Prince George of Cambridge
Prince George of Cambridge (Photo by Getty Images)

Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William, are said to be focusing on their young and growing family with the complete approval of his father, Prince Charles, who reportedly wants the children to have as normal a life as possible. William’s mother, the late Princess Diana, is credited for giving her sons a more down to Earth upbringing, changing decades of tradition in the royal family.

The future monarchs will be spending most of their time in their country home at Anmer Hall, on Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham estate. By now, it is widely known that neither Kate nor William much enjoy the hustle and bustle of London any more.

During Kate Middleton’s first maternity leave she escaped all the buzz, to her parents home in the small village of Bucklebury. There, her mother fed her healthy foods and allowed her to be herself away from the Palace. An added bonus this time is that Anmer Hall is close to where William will work as an ambulance pilot, after his training is completed this summer.

Do you think Kate Middleton should take a longer maternity leave for her second child?

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