Heart Attack Leaves Florida Tech Coach Fighting For His Life

On April 6, Fidgi Haig suffered a heart attack while at home. Haig, the women’s soccer coach at Florida Tech, was sent to the Holmes Regional Medical Center for treatment. Today, people from all over the region were shocked to hear the news about the heart attack.

Ruth, the mother of Becca Howell, a former player of Haig, shared her feelings about the heart attack.

I’m devastated at the news. Fidgi is unique and an inspiration to all who know him. His love of soccer is beyond comprehension. His respect for the game and the people who play it is immeasurable.

The love and support only continued on Twitter.

Spacecoastdaily reported on April 6, that when Haig was brought into the hospital for treatment of his heart attack, doctors placed him in a drug-induced coma in order to bring his body temperature down. A friend of Haig, Robin Chan, spoke to Spacecoastdaily about the incident.

Fidgi was placed in an induced coma by the doctors to bring his body temperature down, and hopefully he will come back to us. We aren’t sure how long he was without oxygen

Inducing hypothermia in a patient who has recently suffered a heart attack (therapeutic hypothermia) is quickly becoming commonplace in the medical community. It is common knowledge, under normal circumstances, that the brain cannot go without oxygen for longer than 6 minutes. Once this time period has elapsed, brain damage almost always sets in. The only time where this is not really true is when we hear stories of people who had fallen through ice and were without oxygen for a far longer period of time. These people are able to be revived with very little, if any, brain damage. This is the main principle behind therapeutic hypothermia.

During a heart attack, oxygenated blood is unable to circulate through the body. By placing the heart attack patient in a state of hypothermia, the doctors are able to take longer periods of time to treat the cause of the heart attack without racing against the 6 minute window.

Hopefully, we will have an update soon as to how Fidgi Haig has responded to treatment for his sudden heart attack.

[IMG Credit Amanda Stratford Floridatechsports.com]