Nintendo Open To Third Party ‘Smash Bros’ Fighter

Super Smash Bros. Wii U seems to be the game that keeps on giving. Nintendo’s brawler has quickly become one of the hottest selling games on the Wii U console. To date, almost 3.5 million units have been sold. If you add in another 6.5 million units of Super Smash Bros. 3DS, it is easy to see that the Super Smash Bros. series is the cash cow of this generation of consoles and handhelds for Nintendo.

With numbers like this, it would be real easy for Nintendo to start developing the next game in the series. However, the latest Nintendo Direct from April 1 gave fans of the Smash series something to cheer about. It was announced that the characters of Lucas from the EarthBound series and Mewtwo from the Pokemon series would be joining the 37 fighters later this year. Lost in reports was an additional fighter that would be chosen by the fans.

Immediately following the presentation, Nintendo opened the Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot site. Fans have the opportunity to choose a fighter they would like to see as DLC for Smash Bros. The fan is also given the chance to state their case for why they feel the character they are submitting should be in the game.

Naturally, most fans instantly started thinking of characters owned by Nintendo they might like to see as the next Smash fighter. With Sega’s Sonic or Namco’s Pac-Man already in Super Smash Bros., there is a possibility we may see a Knuckles or Amy Rose. This brings us to a tweet by Microsoft Studios’ boss Phil Spencer answering a fan’s question.

Banjo in Super Smash Bros. would be most fans dream come true. Since the sale of Rare to Microsoft in 2002, Banjo has been absent from all Nintendo consoles and handhelds. It seems ludicrous for fans to get their hopes up, right? According to a fan over at My Nintendo News, Nintendo had this to say after a fan asked about third party characters.

“Thanks for writing to us. I can certainly understand your interest in if third-party characters are eligible for the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. I want to assure you that you are able to submit any video-game character for this ballot. While we are unable to guarantee your suggested character will become a Super Smash Bros. Fighter, rest assured, we do take all feedback into consideration.”

It has to be noted that the Super Smash Bros. Fighting Ballot is just a site where fans can suggest characters. It never states votes will be tallied, and the character with the most votes is the winner. There is a real possibility the secret fighter will be one from Nintendo’s stable of games.

Speak up, gamers. Which third party character would you like to see added to Smash Bros.?