Pancake Day, IHOP Celebrates With Freebies!

If you like pancakes, free food and crowds of teenagers without jobs who smell like Axe, today is your lucky day- it’s Pancake Day and IHOP is doing their yearly short-stack giveaway.

Pancake Day is loosely tied with Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday or any number of pre-Ash Wednesday carb-loading traditions- but it doesn’t always line up with the day, as with this year. Diners are offered a free short stack of pancakes- no purchase required- each year, with hopes of raising money for a children’s charity. Last year’s Pancake Day at IHOP raised $2.5 million in donations, and the chain likely raked in beaucoup bucks for the tremendously increased caveats.

If you plan on taking advantage of Pancake Day at IHOP and scoring a free short stack for you and everyone in your party, there are a few considerations to take into account before you plan your pancake jaunt. Firstly, crowds can be massive and seating waits long- if you’ve got a big party of pancake lovers, expect a bit of a wait. Off-peak times are better, such as between lunch and dinner rushes, but most IHOPs are pretty packed all day long on free pancake day.

If you’ve got a hankering for fancy pancakes, too, it will cost you a bit- only the plain short stack falls under the free pancake banner. And drinks, sides and most importantly bacon are not included in the deal. More information is available over at IHOP’s site, but for most of the day it’s been inaccessible due to interest in free pancakes.

Do you partake in IHOP’s Pancake Day?