Lindsay Lohan Comes Out with Leggings Line

As if we weren’t already drowning in celeb-designed junk already, here comes Lindsay Lohan with her newest leggings line called “6126.” Honestly, you’d think she’d care a bit more about her image or at least have a little money saved from all of her “free” stuff she has somewhat allegedly accumulated. Because she’s not going to pay her models!

Lindsay’s ad was bland at best, reportedly requesting that “no blondes” show up along with another itty bitty detail– you don’t actually get cash for the gig on Robertson Boulevard:

The Look Book Shoot for 6126 – a new contemporary collection of leggings designed by Lindsay Lohan… Looking for diverse, multi-cultural, mixed races, an ‘off beauty’ is good as well as ‘beautiful’… Rate: trade.

I suppose that’s one way to skim a little extra publicity– it’s just too bad that it will be 95% negative. At least it’s still free, right Linds?!

(Oh, and yes, some of these leggings actually have kneepads. I can imagine what was going through the “lucky” models’ minds.)