Marilyn Manson’s Clock Cleaned At Denny’s, Brouhaha Spills Over To Motel Lobby

These days, Marilyn Manson is a far cry from the terrifying rock star mothers everywhere feared would convert their children to Satanism. Now, he’s the guy who dresses in Goth with his dad and was just popped in the kisser by a disgruntled boyfriend at a Denny’s.

The breakfast analogies and insults to Marilyn’s pasty appearance abounded on celebrity rumor web sites Wednesday. But a whole lot of nothing is known about what happened that night, beyond some basics.

According to TMZ, Manson, 46, and his entourage went to Denny’s at 2 a.m. – as one often does – to partake in some greasy breakfast food after a concert in Alberta, Canada.

Details about who started the brouhaha, who said what, and where it took place vary – accounts suggest the fight occurred at both the restaurant itself and outside, as Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported. As for who slung the epithet that earned the rock star a bruised face and ego is also unclear.

Either way, the fight broke about between Manson’s people and another table, and at one point – according to TMZ — Manson called another man’s main squeeze a “b*tch.” Hollywood Gossip blamed that offense on a “member of the Manson family.”

No, not that Manson family.

What everyone can agree on is that Manson got punished with a slug across his mug. Celebrity Gossip took the liberty to assume the rock star “got a little uppity and drunk (and probably high off his own power),” though there’s no obvious evidence Marilyn was in the least bit intoxicated – by his fame or otherwise.

North of the border, the account becomes a littler clearer – witnesses there told CTV that Marilyn Manson was punched when he left the restaurant (located next to a motel) and the fight spilled over into the motel lobby, Huffington Post Canada reported. About three people came to blows and everyone was injured at least a little bit.

Police have acknowledged that a fight broke out at Denny’s, but that’s about it for details; they haven’t even confirmed Manson was in the fight at all. Charges were not filed and apparently won’t be – the case is closed.

Now let’s remember Marilyn as he once was.

[Photo Courtesy Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images]