UFO Spotted In Kazhakstan? Mysterious Black Ring Hovers Above Village

A video of a mysterious black ring hovering above a village in Kazakhstan has led some conspiracy theorists to allege that it was actually a UFO.

The peculiar footage has been viewed several thousand times already on YouTube, and it has left people baffled as the black ring can clearly be seen floating in the sky before then disappearing. You can check out the clip below.

According to 10 Minutes’ YouTube account page the “phenomenon” was spotted on Saturday morning above the the village of Shortandy, which is around 40 miles outside of Astana, the second largest city in Kazakhstan, in the north of the country. Villagers gathered after they spotted the black ring, and they’ve insisted that it was there for 15 minutes, before then disappearing completely and leaving absolutely no trace in the sky.

While some have been quick to insist that it was a UFO, others have cautiously tried to find other reasons for its creation.

According to the Mirror one viewer of the clip, which has already been viewed close to 50,000 times, explained on the YouTube page that it was probably just a smoke ring. They wrote, “A vortex ring or smoke ring can be formed in the atmosphere by a rising (falling) mass of warm (cold) air, which is also called a thermal (microbust). It could have been artificially created as well.”

Other conspiracy theories to have been created regarding the black smoke ring have ranged from an explosion to the start of the apocalypse. Thankfully any further evidence about the latter hasn’t yet materialised.

According to Today.kz, via Huffington Post, Oleg Menshikov, a local resident who witnessed the incident, tried to give a definitive account of what she saw, stating, “It was like a black cloud. We saw it at around 4pm on April 3. It dissipated like smoke, but it was completely odorless.”

Professor Andrey Solodovnik, an associate physics professor at the Northern Kazakhstan State University, has insisted that the ring was the result of a combustion in the region.

Solodovnik explained that the ring was 100 metres in diameter, while it was also believed to have been about one kilometre in the air.

However Nick Pope, a UFO expert, has dismissed that the phenomenon was a smoke ring, and instead hypothesised about what it could be. “One other possibility is that the shape is made up of millions of bees or other insects, but I’ve never heard of insects behaving in this way before,” he added. “So if this is the explanation, it’s a real-life X-File.”