Madonna Fans Go Bonkers As ‘Ghosttown’ Video Fails To Premiere On Time

Madonna fans are angry. They were looking forward to Madonna premiering the video to her sleeper hit “Ghosttown” on Meerkat at 10 a.m. PST and the app didn’t deliver. Her most militant fans have taken to the Internet to sound off.

“This video was supposed to premiere today on Meerkat. I waited all night for it and couldn’t get any sleep. It didn’t premiere! I am so upset and crying right now. Doesn’t Madonna realize what she is doing to her fans? No respect! No respect!” claimed user Boogie Woogie Bottom Boy on Idolator.

The comments on Madonna’s Facebook page weren’t any more forgiving.

“Girl! what have you done??!! Nobody knows what meerkat is or how it works!! Release your video on a plattform that doesnt take a youtube tutorial to figure it out. Sigh.. guess ill search google tomorrow when it will be uploaded to easier plattforms,” wrote fan Anthony Wright.

“WTF IS GOING ON? Just release the dam video on a site that we all know how to use! This is so stupid and frustrating!” declared fan Randy Smith.

The anger from Madonna fans continued on Twitter.

No word yet on what happened to the premiere of Madonna’s video. Thank God the Internet wasn’t around when Madonna was supposed to premiere the video for “This Used To Be My Playground” back in June of 1992 and didn’t deliver the clip on time to MTV. All was forgiven and Madonna’s song eventually hit No. 1. It’s doubtful the same can be said about “Ghosttown,” but there is hope the song will become a hit.

Madonna’s “Ghosttown” is already her biggest Adult Contemporary single since “The Power of Goodbye” in 1998, and it is starting to take off at Top 40 radio, a format which usually shuns any star who is over 40. According to The Pulse music boards, “Ghosttown” is receiving regular airplay for Madonna at New York’s Z100 and Miami’s Y100, two of the biggest Top 40 radio stations in the country. “Ghosttown is currently No. 16 on Billboard‘s Adult Contemporary chart.

The roll-out for Madonna’s current album Rebel Heart has been a disaster so far, with demos from the album leaking three months in advance. Once the hacker was arrested, the full deluxe version of the album leaked in high quality a month and a half before its release date. Luckily for Madonna, Rebel Heart has received great reviews.

[Photo Credit: BreatheHeavy]