Meghan Trainor Backlash: ‘Dear Future Husband’ Music Video Causes Backlash, Is It Sexist?

Meghan Trainor is facing some backlash following the release of her music video for “Dear Future Husband.” According to Mail Online, the video features the singer dressed up as a housewife, cooking and cleaning in an apron, which apparently offended some people. Evidently some thought that the idea of a woman in the kitchen is sexist.

“Just surprised the random places people are asking me I was being sexist,” Trainor said in a recent interview with MTV. “But no, I don’t believe I was. I think I was just writing my song to my future husband out there, wherever he is. He’s chilling right now, taking a minute getting ready for me; it’s going to be great,” she added.

The Meghan Trainor backlash doesn’t seem to bother the “All About That Bass” singer, who also got chewed out for that song when she released it. Social media has seen its fair share of Trainor-bashing for both tunes, which have been wildly popular regardless of the problems people might have with their lyrics.

just a quick reminder that Meghan Trainor is incredibly sexist!!

— abby loves louis*༻ (@IoadedgunIwt) March 30, 2015

According to The SpreadIt, the video has received over 19 million views since it was released. And while it may be super catchy (and very relateable for many girls/women), it’s causing quite a stir. Are you offended by the lyrics of the song? How about the music video? Below you can read some of the lyrics.

“Take me on a date, I deserve it, babe. And don’t forget the flowers every anniversary. ‘Cause if you treat me right, I’ll be the perfect wife. Buying groceries, buying what you need. You got that 9 to 5, but, baby, so do I. So don’t be thinking I’ll be home and baking apple pies. I never learned to cook, but I can write a hook. Sing along with me.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there seems to be some debate about Meghan Trainor in general. Some believe that she is a positive role model while others seem to think that she’s bringing women back decades with her pop hits. What do you think?

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