‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Spin-Offs: Todd Chrisley, Family Tackling New Shows As Season 3 Set To Start

The USA Network is dishing out exciting news for Chrisley Knows Best fans. Not only is Season 3 set to debut soon, it seems that the network has decided to crank things up a notch with two additional Chrisley shows. What’s the scoop?

TV Guide shares that Season 3 of Chrisley Knows Best will premiere on Tuesday, June 2. As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, USA recently added additional episodes to this Season 3 order. There will now be 18 episodes airing over the summer rather than the original set of 12. The family will be dishing out some big fun for fans with an overseas trip to England and fans can’t wait to watch.

Now in addition to the traditional show featuring Todd, Julie, and the kids, it seems that USA is ready to give Todd Chrisley a late-night talk show. Deadline shares that there is a pilot commitment in place for the new show and it will be put together by the same group that does Talking Dead and Watch What Happens Live.

As if that wasn’t enough good news for Chrisley fans, it seems the network has also made a commitment for a Chrisley Knows Best spin-off show. Just what will this one entail? That much isn’t known yet as the network isn’t spilling the goods. It seems they’re just saying that it will be built around the family in some way.

This will be USA’s first shot at doing late-night programming and fans would say they picked the right guy to get things going. Chrisley Knows Best became a hit during its first season and ratings have only grown since then. Todd has been doing more and more with social media and other projects, showing that getting his own late-night show is a pretty logical next step.

Jackie de Crinis, the executive vice president of original programming for the network, says that “Fans can’t get enough of the Chrisleys, and we’re excited to give viewers an even bigger dose of this entertaining, unpredictable and lovable family.”

Todd Chrisley will certainly bring something very different to the late-night programming slate and it looks like fans definitely approve of the idea. Chrisley has been retweeting posts from followers on Twitter related to the big announcement. At this point no timeframe for either Todd’s late-night show or the Chrisley spinoff have been revealed, so fans will have to stay tuned for more information.

Will you tune in to a Chrisley Knows Best spinoff show or Todd Chrisley’s new late-night talk show? Fans are counting down to that Season 3 June 2 premiere and can’t wait to hear what else lies ahead.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]