Is ‘Twin Peaks’ Wrapped In Plastic Now That David Lynch Has Officially Left?

Twin Peaks was the most talked about show of its era. Everyone wanted to know about the strange little town of Twin Peaks and who had wrapped Laura Palmer in plastic. Fans the world over have been desperate for a follow up series and the hype went into overdrive when Showtime finally announced they would revisit Twin Peaks in 2016. Iconic FBI agent, Dale Cooper (played by Kyle MacLachlan), was signed, so were co-creators Mark Frost and David Lynch. Many fans credit these two creatives as the reason why Twin Peaks was so hugely successful in its time.

However, after recent rumors that Twin Peaks had been dropped, David Lynch has offically pulled his creative pin citing money as an issue:

Showtime was quick to reassure the show would indeed go on by releasing their own statement to various news sources including The Hollywood Reporter

“We were saddened to read David Lynch’s statement today since we believed we were working towards solutions with David and his reps on the few remaining deal points. SHOWTIME also loves the world of Twin Peaks and we continue to hold out hope that we can bring it back in all its glory with both of its extraordinary creators, David Lynch and Mark Frost, at its helm.”

However, fans are nervously wondering if this is really the end for their beloved show. According to a poll EW recently conducted, it seems the established fan base could be more interested in seeing a good quality reboot of Twin Peaks that includes David Lynch than a potentially weaker version. Although, it is interesting to note that although David Lynch will not be on board to direct Twin Peaks, he and Mark Frost have already written the nine episodes commissioned for the Showtime revival of Twin Peaks, so it is possible fans will still get the David Lynch fix they are hoping for with the new series.

For fans that are curious as to how Showtime will deal with having FBI agent Dale Cooper age since the original series, it appears this series of Twin Peaks will be set 25 years after the original ABC series. There will also be “long-awaited answers and a satisfying conclusion for the series’ passionate fan base.”

What do you think? Will Showtime’s Twin Peaks be Netflix’s Arrested Development bad or Curb your Enthusiasm awesome? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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