Cynthia Bailey Talks Peace On ‘RHOA’: ‘I Applaud Both Ladies For Their Efforts’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey may not have gotten much out of her attempted conversation with Phaedra Parks a few weeks back on the show, but it sounds like she is glad that Kenya Moore found peace with the mother of two. Phaedra has clearly struggled to figure out who to believe after being betrayed by her husband, and she may have wanted Bailey’s support more than anything.

Cynthia Bailey had learned that Phaedra Parks may have been cheating on her husband with a man named Chocolate prior to him going to jail, but it sounds like Parks had no interest in talking to Cynthia about it. Instead, she decided to focus her energy on simply taking care of her children and talking to Kenya in the Philippines.

According to a new Bravo report, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey is now revealing that she is very happy that Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks have solved their issues in a very emotional conversation.

“My favorite part of the Philippines trip was when Kenya and Phaedra finally agreed to sit down like the intelligent, grown women that they are and discuss their issues. I love closure, therefore I really appreciated seeing the two ladies talk, cry, apologize, hug, and hold hands to pray,” Cynthia Bailey has revealed about the trip.

Of course, the drama between Kenya and Phaedra has been going on for quite some time. Two years is a long time for a single lie to be carried on. Moore has been very affected by the comments that Parks has made about her, based on the lies that Apollo Nida has shared with the entire cast.

“Two years is too long to hold onto energy that is toxic and negative to your spirit and soul. Sometimes you just have to let things that no longer serve you positively go and move on. I applaud both ladies for their efforts. Their gesture was uplifting and great for the morale of the group. I am happy for both of them,” Cynthia Bailey adds.

Cynthia herself attended the therapy session, where she had hoped to make peace with NeNe Leakes. But since NeNe walked out of the therapy session before any work had been done, Bailey hasn’t really gotten closure on anything.

According to the Inquisitr, Cynthia Bailey has revealed that she will move on from the drama with Phaedra, as she realizes that she probably won’t get the apology she is expecting. Some are questioning why Bailey is expecting an apology, as Cynthia was the one who got involved with Parks’ personal business.

What do you think about Cynthia Bailey’s comments about the emotional talk?

[Image via Bravo]