‘Furious 7’ Ending: Touching Tribute To Paul Walker Has Moviegoers In Tears

The ending of Furious 7 has a touching tribute to Paul Walker that has put fans of the late actor in tears.

[WARNING: Furious 7 spoilers ahead]

Walker had just started filming the most recent edition in the popular action series when he was killed in a car crash in November 2013. Filmmakers completed filming using computer-generated images, body doubles, and even Walker’s own brother standing in for him.

Producers said they wanted to find a fitting way to retire Walker’s character from the Fast franchise, but wanted to shy away from killing him off. Instead, they had his character Brian decide to walk away from his dangerous lifestyle to raise a family with his girlfriend, Mia.

The Furious 7 ending also showed Brian’s friend Dom remember the good times they shared, while the movie shows a montage of Paul Walker in previous Fast and Furious movies.

Director James Wan said the Furious 7 ending was perfect.

“If they had gone down the other path, I think I would have refused to finish making this movie,” Wan told BuzzFeed. Instead, the movie’s makers chose to “retire Paul’s character in the most sincere and elegant way (they) could,” Wan said.

The Furious 7 ending seems to have resonated with fans. Many said the Paul Walker tribute had them in tears.

The movie has already become one of the most successful of the franchise, making $143.6 million at the U.S. box office on its opening weekend.

Universal Pictures’ efforts to release Furious 7 after the tragic death of franchise star Paul Walker in 2013 are being rewarded at the box office. That puts it among the top 10 opening weekends in U.S. history, and the only movie in the top 10 that isn’t based off a comic book, young adult novel, or toy.

The Furious 7 ending was also very emotional for Vin Diesel, who was close friends with Paul Walker. This week he shared on Facebook the song that plays during the movie’s final montage — “See You Again,” a collaboration between Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. The video has more than 22 million views.

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