Ireland Baldwin: Hospital Trip For Appendicitis Can’t Stop 19-Year-Old Model From Reaching Out To Fans

Ireland Baldwin is laid up in a hospital after a painful bout with appendicitis, but it isn’t stopping the 19-year-old from keeping in touch with her fans.

The daughter of actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger was rushed to a hospital last week with severe pain in her abdomen, which doctors determined was appendicitis. But just a day later she was tweeting about her medical emergency and sharing a picture of her “appendicitis swag” with Twitter followers.

The turn in health came quickly for Ireland Baldwin. Just a day before she landed in the hospital, her step-mohter Hilaria shared a picture of Ireland alongside her 1-year-old half sister, Carmen. Ireland later shared her own picture with the toddler.

Just a few days before that, Ireland Baldwin was sharing some much racier pictures of herself. She took to Instagram to share some nude photos taken by photographer Tyler Kandel.

Baldwin wrote: “Thank you @thekandelstudio for all these goodies. Until noodles, my friend.”

This isn’t the first time Ireland has bared all to fans. She also shared a topless selfie in January of 2014 after attending the 50th Anniversary of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue event in Los Angeles. More pictures of Ireland Baldwin’s latest nude photo shoot can be seen here.

The hospital stay came just as Ireland Baldwin was seen her career blow up. The model said she wants to follow in the footsteps of her famous parents and get into acting. In an interview with E! News she hinted that she had some big projects in the works.

“I have a few things coming up that I can’t really discuss at the moment yet, but that’s why I’m going to New York.

“I’ve been focusing on acting lately, and that’s why I’ve stepped out of the modeling spotlight to be in film school. I just switched actually — I’m looking into New York Film Academy right now.”

Ireland has made a mark in the fashion world for more than two years now. In March 2013 she signed with IMG Models and the next month debuted in a swimsuit editorial for the New York Post. By May she had already been firmly established, appearing in W Magazine ’​s It Trend, It Girl feature. She has gone on to do a number of other high-profile photo shoots for some of the fashion world’s biggest names.

Ireland Baldwin hasn’t told fans how long she will be in the hospital.

[Image via Twitter]