Chris Bosh & Baby Mama Told To Act Like Adults By Custody Judge

Chris Bosh and baby mama Allison Mathis went to custody court this week as part of their ongoing battle and the judge hearing their case decided it was time for both of them to start acting like adults.

The judge in the hearing reprimanded the former couple for refusing to work out their problems like adults. The judge made his statement after Bosh claimed that Mathis was throwing a fit every single time he requested permission to visit with his 3-year-old daughter

According to the judge the couple should be able to hold level headed discussions about sharing custody, noting:

“Life passes you by waiting for lawyers and cases to resolve. Meanwhile, the world continues.”

After making his comment to the couple the judge did set a visitation schedule for Chris Bosh so he could see his daughter without first having to get permission from his fit-throwing wife.

The judge also warned both Mathis and Bosh that violating the agreement could find them held in contempt of court.

Bosh’s attorney’s have worked hard to receive regular visitation for Bosh while Mathis’ attorney’s have argued that his playing schedule has made a consistent schedule hard to create while not fully interfering with their clients own schedule.

Do you think both Chris Bosh and Allison Mathis need to grow up and start acting like supportive parents for their child who is caught in the middle of their bitter fights?