'Furious 7': CGI Version of Paul Walker Slammed On Twitter

Paul Walker received perhaps one of the most emotion-stirring, memorable tributes in his final film - Furious 7.

Shortly after the movie was released for late-night showings last Thursday, the Internet started buzzing about the tear-jerking ending, which featured one of the most emotional farewells in a blockbuster movie of all time.

It was the farewell that many fans of the Fast and Furious movies (and Paul Walker in general) have been waiting to see since the actor died in a tragic high-speed car crash in November 2013.

However, in order to finish the movie and give Paul Walker the proper send-off, the Furious 7 cast and crew had to depend on the success of their team of CGI animators and experts.

For most of the movie, the real-life Paul Walker was in almost every shot - including several jaw-dropping action sequences that Brian O'Conner has become known for over the years. Near the halfway point of the movie, though, CGI Paul Walker made his big-screen debut.

*Warning: Spoiler Alert*

At the end of the movie, the final shot of CGI Paul Walker is seen racing next to Vin Diesel's car.

Even though the CGI version of Paul Walker in that particular shot was very realistic and lifelike, the fact that it clearly was not him yanked the heart strings of many viewers.Adding a CGI Paul Walker to the movie was absolutely necessary - especially since the Furious 7 cast and crew were adamant about not killing off his character and completing the work that he started before he died.

However, quite a few of people did not hesitate to slam CGI Paul Walker on Twitter without pulling any punches.

On the other hand, there were a lot of other Furious 7 fans that were admittedly impressed by the CGI version of Paul Walker - applauding the cast and crew for making him look "amazing."As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cody and Caleb Walker were brought on-board after Paul's death to help finish the work that their brother started.Their bodies and voices were used to keep Brian O'Connor alive on the big-screen - at least until he was able to enjoy his final race against Dominic Toretto.During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, actor Vin Diesel revealed that there will be a sequel to Furious 7 in which the gang is sent to the East Coast by Kurt Russell's character for a new mission.

Do you think that the CGI version of Paul Walker will make an appearance in future Fast and Furious movies?

[Image Credit: Black Film]