Metallica – New Album Will Be ‘Heavy’ But ‘Unique’ Says Trujillo

Metallica’s new album will be heavy (as fans have come to expect), but “unique” according to the band’s bass player, Robert Trujillo.

One of the biggest bands on the planet, fans have been eagerly awaiting the bands next release, something they haven’t had a taste of since Metallica released Death Magnetic in 2008. Since then, there’s been a smattering of other new material offered to fans, including a five song ep that included tunes originally written for Death Magnetic but that didn’t make the cut, (Beyond Magnetic), a Ronnie James Dio tribute medley cover, (Ronnie Rising), and a brand new song entitled Lords of Summer that the band previewed to audiences last summer on tour and also released as a rough “first pass” single on iTunes. Lords of Summer may or may not be on the album – and the best bet is that it won’t. Metallica “previewed” two new songs – New Song Numbers 1 and 2 respectively, aka, Death is Not the End and Vulturus – on tour prior to the release of Death Magnetic, saying that they would be on that album, and they weren’t. However, parts of those two songs were cannibalized and put on songs that actually ended up on Death Magnetic.

At any rate, Metallica has said that their new album was either in the early stages of recording, in the writing process, or well under way, depending on who you asked and when you asked them. Now, according to Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, the new album seems to be underway, at least enough so that he can form an opinion about where the new Metallica album might lay in the landscape of Metallica’s other albums.

“I really can’t relate it to any album; I think every Metallica album is unique in its own way. What we’re doing is special and unique in its own way, but still keeping it heavy. For me as a listener, part of the journey I’m on with Metallica, there’s just a certain edge that needs to be there.”

In Robert Trujillo’s interview with Rolling Stone, Trujillo echoed Lars Ulrich’s recent sentiment that there would be no surprise release of the album… something that no one was really expecting. However, now that Metallica members left and right seem to be denying a surprise release, many fans are left wondering if that’s in fact what Metallica plans on doing. Why deny something when no one is really asking about it other than to plant the seeds of expectation?

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]