‘GTA V’ For PC Will Be A 65GB Download

Rockstar Games has updated its store page for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V PC version, stating that GTA V will use quite a bit of hard drive space.

GTA V was always going to be a large game, but the hard drive space required dwarfs many games currently available. Requiring 65GB of space, GTA V fans might want to take advantage of that pre-load feature starting April 7 just to be sure they can play on launch day. To put this number in perspective, another open world title, Assassin’s Creed Unity used 50GB of space on PC.

A lot of that space can be chalked up to GTA V on PC supporting 4K resolution, as well as possible uncompressed audio files, though that is not confirmed. Additionally, Grand Theft Auto V for PC boasts an exclusive video editor, which could also contribute to driving up the install size for the PC version.

GTA V PC 4K Traffic Screenshot

Fans looking to dive into GTA V on PC will be able to do so starting April 14. Having been delayed multiple times, PC fans are finally getting close to being able to experience what Rockstar has touted as the best version of GTA V yet. Recently, the Grand Theft Auto developer released two new trailers: the launch trailer, rendered in full 1080p and 60FPS, as well as a heists trailer, with the footage coming exclusively from the PC version of GTA V.

GTA V Online players were in for a surprise this week, as Rockstar officially fixed a bug that allowed players to bring a car found only in the single-player version over to the online game. However, the way the GTA V dev handled the bug is exactly how you’d expect them to: by having fun with it. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the results were explosive.

Grand Theft Auto V on PC will allow players to experience the state of San Andreas in full native 4K resolutions, assuming their rigs are beefy enough to do so. However, the system requirements aren’t exactly demanding, which isn’t all together surprising, considering the game is running on last-gen consoles, which is 10-year-old hardware. GTA V on PC will also be the first platform to run the game in 60 frames-per-second, a feature Rockstar has made a point of marketing.

Are you planning on playing GTA V on PC? Excited about the game finally releasing? Share some of your GTA V escapades in the comments below.

[Image via Rockstar Games]