Carly Rae Jepsen Is Not A One Hit Wonder, Proves She's 'All That' In 'SNL' Perfomance

Last weekend, Canadian pop artist Carly Rae Jepsen surprised fans when she performed her new single "All That" on an episode of Saturday Night Live.

The "Call Me Maybe" singer had everyone thinking that she was just another one hit wonder but after making a remarkable comeback on SNL, Jepsen proved that she isn't one. With her brand new song, Jepsen also showed her versatility as an artist.

Unlike her previous upbeat pop singles, "All That" is a slow ballad reminiscent of 80s music. Many critics compared it to Prince's "The Beautiful Ones," while others pointed out that it has similarities to Britney Spears' 1999 song "Sometimes". Nonetheless, Jepsen was lauded for both her new single and her hearty performance on SNL.

In an EntertainThis! article, the artist's new track was described as "a total 360 from her bubblegum 'Call Me Maybe' days… we never thought we'd hear from the Canadian pop star, but are so glad now that it actually exists."

SNL isn't exactly a good venue for artists promoting their new songs but the artist pulled it off with a little creativity. She performed her song "I Really Like You" with a big twist. Instead of presenting it originally as a fist-pumping party tune, she opted to use a full band and a set of back-up singers. The result was a refreshing reinvention that impressed many.

After her captivating performance, the artist later returned on stage with her collaborators, Blood Orange's Dev Hynes and renowned producer Ariel Rechtshaid, to debut "All That." According to some critics, Hynes' involvement in the production of Jepsen's new song is very evident. The vocals and dreamy atmospherics are the producer's trademarks which can be heard on his song Chamakay.

Still, having Hynes on board seemed to be a good move for the artist. The Verge thought so and even wrote, "If you're stuck in a pop rut, get Dev Hynes on the case."

Shortly after Jepsen's SNL performance, the singer tweeted the link to her new song's studio version on iTunes. In her post, she described All That as the "heart song" of her new album, and she expressed her gratitude to Hynes and Rechtshaid. The singer also shared the studio version of her fresh drop on YouTube.

Jepsen's two songs "I Really Like You" and "All That" will both be a part of her next album.

[Image via YouTube]