The Powerglove gets it on with Minority Report and births the Ion Ergonomic Air Mouse Glove [Video]

For those of you not old enough to remember the infamous Nintendo PowerGlove it was all the rage for about a week or so back in the Dark Ages of 1989 and was designed by Grant Goddard and Samuel Davis for Abrams Gentile Entertainment and manufactured by Mattel for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Due to a total lack of consumer interest the PowerGlove thankfully faded into gaming history but the idea of a wearable controller has never gone away with many other attempts over the years with the newest attempt coming from a company called Ion Wireless.

Looking like something that might have been used by Tom Cruise in the movie Minority Report the Ion Air Mouse is a half glove with little buttons worn on the finger for the right and left click of a traditional mouse. In addtion after doing some setup on your computer you can can also use your wrist somehow as part of the controller.

The strange looking thing is wireless with a 35 foot range and is rechargeable using a USB port. If this sucker is up your alley you can apparently order for the price of $79.99

via SlashGear