Amy Schumer Posed Naked For ‘Entertainment Weekly,’ Then Thanked The Magazine — Find Out Why [PHOTO]

Fast-rising comic Amy Schumer posed 100 percent naked for the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine’s latest issue — 100 percent, that is, except for some artfully positioned booze bottles — of the miniature variety found in hotel mini-bars.

But when the magazine appeared on newsstands this week, Schumer did something unusual. She thanked the magazine. Why? Because the Entertainment Weekly photo editors did not use digital airbrushing to make the self-proclaimed “proud Size 6” look like a typical Hollywood actress, with the physique of a twig.

If you haven’t seen the Amy Schumer shot on the EW cover, here it is — if it’s safe for public display racks in your local 7-11, the image must be Safe For Work.

And here’s what the star of the Judd Apatow comedy Trainwreck had to say after seeing the cover.

How did the magazine convince Schumer to pose naked? Apparently, the photographers didn’t exactly have to twist her arm. According to the comic herself, it was all her idea. In fact, the magazine wanted Amy to pose in a black dress covered in candy wrappers, a parody of the now-iconic publicity shot of Mena Suvari used to promote the 1999 film American Beauty.

“I was like, ‘Stop it – I’m going to be naked,'” Schumer told People Magazine.

Of course, much of Schumer’s comic material is based on her uninhibited description of her own purportedly raunchy sex life. She carries that sense of humor over into Trainwreck, as the trailer, which can be seen at this link, certainly demonstrates.

But before clicking on the link for the trailer, be warned — raunchy means raunchy. The uncensored trailer contains profanity, mild nudity and sexual dialogue, all packed into three minutes.

The trailer even previews the role played by WWE wrestling star John Cena, who plays one of Schumer’s lovers in the film. So wrestling fans who always wondered what Cena would look like in the throes of ectasty, so to speak, will get their wish in this trailer.

The Entertainment Weekly issue with Amy Schumer posed naked on the cover is on the stands now. Trainwreck hits multiplexes on July 17.

[Image: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]