#ADTheSeries Trends On Twitter After ‘A.D. The Bible Continues’ Airs On NBC [Videos]

The first episode of A.D. The Bible Continues aired on Easter Sunday evening, with the ethnically diverse cast portraying biblical heroes who lived as normal people whose lives were extraordinarily changed after meeting Jesus. As reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the actors portraying those famous folks in A.D. The Bible Continues may not be everyday familiar celebrities, but were chosen by the series creators for specific reasons.

As such, reactions to the mini-series, which covers the New Testament time period immediately following Christ’s death and resurrection from the dead, are causing the Twitter hashtag called #ADTheSeries to trend heavily with viewers’ reactions to the TV show.

“Killing him won’t be the end of him

Whether the tweets contain quotes from the actual series or personal opinions about the NBC mini-series, the reaction to the long-awaited continuation of the biblical story is causing a stir online.

The AD sequel to the original Bible miniseries should meet with great reviews from fans, reports USA TODAY, chronicling how the original 2013 series called The Bible shocked plenty of TV execs and common folk with its runaway ratings. The success of that 10-part miniseries, with each episode running one hour long, broke records for the History Channel, and paved the way for Touched By An Angel star Roma Downey and her producer husband Mark Burnett to get their A.D. The Bible Continues seen on NBC.

“The tomb is now open and the Nazarene… is gone.”

Spending little time on the events that led up to the death of Christ, A.D.’s first episode largely covered the political and personal reaction to Jesus being crucified. The 12-episode long A.D. did well to display the disciples’ fear of being killed in the same manner as Christ, and debating whether or not to run away prior to Jesus being raised from the dead on the third prophesied day.

“Now I am anxious for next Sunday’s episode of : )”

Indeed, with SNL skewering religions such as Scientology on Saturday night’s episode of the comedy show, as reported by the Inquisitr, it appears that viewers looking for more substance are turning to the #ADTheSeries hashtag to express their excitement for each hour-long episode of the biblical series.

According to the New York Daily News, the actual Bible provided Burnett and Downey with more than enough material to include in the A.D. series, which features disciples like Peter and John. Indeed, not only are viewers praising the series, but they are also making mention of the “John 3:16” commercial that aired during the series.

A.D. the Bible Series was wonderful on NBC! Loved the Focus on the Family Commercial too! :16

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