Rihanna Slams Indiana Religious Freedom Law

Rihanna performed at the March Madness Music Fest and used the occasion to opine against the religious freedom law recently enacted in Indiana, Rolling Stone reported yesterday. Rihanna sang her new single “American Oxygen” and in the process condemned the Indiana law.

“Rihanna also used her headlining performance to slam Indiana’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA),” Rolling Stone reported, “Although the bill was amended to make it less discriminatory toward the LGBT community, Rihanna still unloaded on the RFRA in an expletive-laden tirade (via ONTD) prior to performing “Live Your Life.”

Rihanna’s commentary about the Indiana religious freedom law was filled with profanity and over the top language. The comments were heard live, and apparently censored for the late broadcast of the performance. The bashing of the law by Rihanna comes after singer turned walking celebrity scandal, Miley Cyrus, called Indiana Governor Mike Pence an “a**hole” for signing the law.

“Who’s feeling these new bulls— laws that they’re trying to pass over here? I say f— that s—,” Rolling Stone reported Rihanna as telling the crowd, inciting chants of “F— that s—.” “We’re just living our motherf—ing lives. Indiana!” Although Rihanna’s March Madness performance was live-streamed, her Indiana comments were heavily censored upon broadcast.”

The rant by Rihanna against the Indiana law was reported by the Inquisitr. The law was amended by the Indiana legislature to make it “less discriminatory,” but this did not stop Rihanna from using the performance as a bully pulpit to bash the Indiana religious freedom law.

Jezebel also reported on Rihanna condemning the Indiana law, calling it “bulls**t” and also saying “f**k that s**t.”

“The Indiana law, called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, ostensibly protects individuals and entities whose “exercise of religion has been substantially burdened, or is likely to be substantially burdened.” In reality, the law allows for those individuals or entities to deny services to anyone,” Jezebel reported about the Indiana law.

Rihanna also tweeted about the issue:

Rihanna is latest of many celebrities who appear to be going with the popular view, at least that which seems popular, and condemning the often misunderstood and much maligned Indiana religious freedom law. Most celebrities seem more interested in being politically correct and taking the popular view rather than educating themselves on the issues and being right instead of popular.

[Photo of Rihanna via Rolling Stone by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]