Beyonce Seventh Anniversary Love Song Gift Debuts On Jay Z’s Tidal As She Launches Vegan ’22 Days’ [Video]

Beyonce decided to celebrate her seventh wedding anniversary to Jay Z in the most unique way possible. Defying all those divorce-impending rumors, the love birds tweeted their faithfulness on April 4 in a way that celebrated both of their musical gifts, reported the Daily Mail.

Queen Bey got her hive buzzing as she unveiled a love song written especially for Jay Z. It’s called “Die With You,” and she used Jay Z’s new music streaming service Tidal to debut the tune.

“Cause darling I wake up just to sleep with you. I open my eyes so I could see with you and I live so I can die with you”

And the end provides the surprise for everyone. While the 33-year-old singer waves her fist in triumph and gives thanks, the cameraman reverses the lens to reveal that it’s 45-year-old Jay Z actually shooting the video for his wife.

Beyonce and Jay Z have one child. While Blue Ivy is now three-years-old, the couple has ignored rumors ranging from baby bumps to break-ups. Instead, they succeeded in creating a runaway success with their On The Run tour.

For Jay Z, the focus is on his Tidal music streaming service. Pitted against Spotify, Tidal has attracted big name partners such as Kanye West and Madonna.

And he’s not the only entrepreneur in the family. Beyonce has unveiled a vegan home delivery service, according to the Huffington Post.

Teaming up with her personal trainer and nutrition expert Marco Borges, Queen Bey created the 22 Days Nutrition program to provide a variety of plant-based meals sent directly to your home.

Every meal is free of gluten and soy as well as animal products, and they’re all organic. The cost ranges, but going for three vegan meals a day costs $629.79.

Why go vegan? Marco believes that a plant-based diet boosts your energy and metabolism while enhancing overall health, while 22 days is the ideal time frame. Jay Z joined Beyonce in the 22-day vegan challenge initially, motivating her to make it available to everyone through the new service.

In addition to following a vegan diet, Beyonce works out regularly to maintain her sleek physique, as the Inquisitr reported. And she had the opportunity to show off that fitness on a national level.

Responding to First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, Beyonce shared a video revealing her intense fitness routine. That workout includes everything from lunges to leg lifts to punches.

The First Lady kickstarted her campaign by asking celebrities to join her #GimmeFive movement. She sent out tweets asking them to reveal five reasons to get fit, and shared Queen Bey’s video.

“Retweet if you’re ready to work out with @Beyonce! #GimmeFive of your workout drills (or you’ll disappoint the Beygency),” posted the First Lady.

[Photo By Win McNamee/Getty Images]