100 Muslim Teachers May Be Banned From Schools For Claiming Lee Rigby Beheading Was A ‘Hoax’

According to the latest reports, up to 100 Muslim educators in Britain might be banned from teaching, as they allegedly claimed that the beheading of Lee Rigby on the streets of England was a “hoax.”

The news comes as the National College for Teaching and Leadership in the UK considers potential disciplinary cases against current and former staff members at schools in Birmingham where extremist Islamic views were allegedly “forced” on students and teaching staff alike.

An investigation last year also found that anti-Western rhetoric, intolerance towards gays, and creating the perception of a worldwide conspiracy against Muslims was rife at these schools.

The allegations go one step further as claims have also been made that al-Qaeda style videos were copied at at least one of the schools under investigation.

At least half of the suspected teachers, known as the “Park View Brotherhood,” also swapped as many as 3,000 WhatsApp messages, with many including offensive comments about the West as well as British soldiers.

A source spoke to reporters about the investigation.

“The 100 or so include teachers, teaching assistants and teaching staff. The Department for Education is feeding in information to help corroborate some of what the NCTL has, and, in other cases, flag up new targets. In some cases, some of those teachers and staff are still working at schools, and in other cases they have been removed. But although some of them have been removed, the NCTL does not want them to end up anywhere else.”

The whole Trojan Horse scandal started last year with an anonymous letter, which spoke of an elaborate Islamic plot to take over schools in Birmingham called “Operation Trojan Horse.”

Even though that document is now believed to be a hoax, the fact that up to 100 Muslim teachers in Britain claimed the Lee Rigby murder was a hoax means a ongoing investigation is in place to try to get to the bottom of the matter, before it spirals out of hand.

[Image credit: Jihadwatch.org]

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