See Norman Reedus’ Surprise ‘Saturday Night Live’ Appearance: Poor Pete Davidson [Video]

Treva Bowdoin - Author

Nov. 3 2016, Updated 5:41 p.m. ET

Many Norman Reedus fans are still mourning the death of The Walking Dead’s fifth season. Fortunately for Dixon’s vixens and Norman’s Nymphos, Saturday Night Live came up with a cool way to help them deal with their Daryl Dixon withdrawal — the NBC sketch comedy show gave them a little dose of Daryl.

Fans of the Walking Dead got to enjoy a fun pre-Easter treat when SNL temporarily resurrected Daryl Dixon for a quick bit. Apparently, Daryl is on a one-man mission to rid the world of zombies, and he’s discovered that they’ve started hiding in some pretty strange places — now they’re working on fake news shows.

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According to Zap2it, Norman Reedus crashed Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” segment by showing up on the set as his Walking Dead character. He fittingly popped up while “Resident Young Person” Pete Davidson was chatting to Colin Jost about the show’s Season 5 finale. According to Pete, the finale scared him because he believes that a real zombie apocalypse is going to take place in the near future.

“Odds are, I’m going to be stoned when it happens,” Pete says in the clip below. “Especially if it happens during the hours of daytime or nighttime… it will probably take me hours to even notice what’s going on.”

Unfortunately, Pete discovers that the zombie apocalypse is already happening in the middle of his segment — while he’s talking about his zombie apocalypse paranoia and how easy it is to mistake him for a zombie, Norman Reedus pops up and proves him right by shooting him with an arrow. You can check out Reedus’ surprise appearance below.

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The chest shot didn’t kill Pete, so maybe he really is a zombie.

During his stoner rant, Pete comes up with a creative weapon that might work against the undead: jawbreakers. If Daryl Dixon wants to avoid being bitten and doesn’t want to waste his arrows, he could always stuff a supersized jawbreaker in a walker’s mouth.

In the SNL clip, Norman Reedus pokes fun at Pete Davidson’s pale complexion by saying, “ain’t no living things go that color.” According to the Los Angeles Times, poor Pete had to endure a similar joke about his pastiness during the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber.

“Pete, it’s really good to see you for the first time ever,” Chis D’Elia said. “Fifty Shades of Grey was based on your complexion.”

It will only be a matter of time before a production company turns someone’s Walking Dead/Fifty Shades fanfic into a movie (starring Norman Reedus, natch).

Norman’s Saturday Night Live bit wasn’t his only recent surprise appearance. As the Inquisitr previously reported, The Walking Dead star surprised a group of college students by filling in for their professor on April Fools’ Day. The lucky kids got to listen to Norman describe how he would like to see Daryl Dixon’s final scene play out.

After watching the clip above, do you think Saturday Night Live should give Norman Reedus a future hosting gig?

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