‘The Good Wife’: Alicia Remembers Will And Kalinda Faces Repercussions

The Good Wife is back Sunday night with another new episode, and spoilers reveal Alicia has to deal with her feelings for Will. Entertainment Weekly reports that the newly-elected state’s attorney will have to face old emails from her former lover and colleague. Fans of The Good Wife remember the dramatic episode from last season when Will was unexpectedly killed off the show.

Sunday’s episode recalls Alicia’s relationship with Will as the show continues to set up the departure of another beloved character, Archie Panjabi’s Kalinda. As her entanglement with Lemond Bishop deepens, her evidence falsification to get Cary out of jail comes back to haunt her.

Panjabi has been using Twitter to give fans sneak peeks into her last Good Wife days, crediting her dog for Kalinda’s style and giving a shout out to her stunt double.

As for the plotline of Sunday’s episode, show producers Robert and Michelle King told Entertainment Weekly it’s a timely exploration of the tension between gay rights and religious freedom. Robert King said Christine Baranski and guest star Oliver Platt work well in the show’s examination of the issue.

“I think what we found exciting about the episode—and one of the reasons why I wanted to pursue it—was it takes you through it fairly slowly and looks at all sides of it while still being funny. I mean, whenever we do serious subjects you don’t want to get too far away from fart jokes. [Laughs] We have two great comic actors in Oliver Platt and Christine Baranski, and they helped explore both sides through them playing opposite sides of the same issue.”

E! also revealed that Kalinda and Finn, Alicia’s potential love interest and possible deputy in the state’s attorney’s office, share some screen time. The website also said that “two words that could change everything” happen right at the end of Sunday night’s installment.

This season of The Good Wife is scheduled to end on May 10, according to a recent CBS announcement.

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