‘The Good Wife’: Archie Panjabi Getting Ready To Say Goodbye

The Good Wife returns Sunday night with a new episode. According to show producers Robert and Michelle King, Alicia Florrick will experience some conflict, as she decides how to handle her husband’s political record during her own campaign.

We’ll also see the progression of Kalinda’s storyline as she works up to her departure from the program. As People reported, Archie Panjabi has been counting down her last few weeks on the show on her Twitter feed. Panjabi’s contract with The Good Wife is up in May. The actor has another television deal with 20th Century Fox.

Panjabi promised to keep fans in the loop as her last days as Kalinda are filmed.

Earlier this season, Good Wife producers said the shock associated last season with the death of Will Gardner won’t be replicated when Kalinda leaves. Fans know this season is her last, while the shooting death of Will was completely unexpected. Robert and Michelle King had earlier discussed how Kalinda’s relationship with drug dealer Lemond Bishop has become increasingly important in these final weeks.

In other Good Wife news, tonight Alicia will assess how attacking Peter’s political record will affect her and her family. It is something the Kings see as an interesting development, according to their interview with the Hollywood Reporter. Julianna Margulies also gave some insight into her character.

“I think her constant internal debate is, ‘I’m not Peter, I wouldn’t run things the way he did, yet, he knows politics, he knows the game. She doesn’t want him as the enemy, she needs him as her ally. She’s in a real moral quandary about how to handle herself around him. In politics, she’s smart enough to know what’s right, but she’s not quite savvy enough in politics to know what’s wrong. So I think she’s really navigating herself out of a tricky area.”

Michelle King said it was “delicious” to explore how Peter and Alicia’s children will respond to the mud-slinging. Robert King said the reaction of the couple’s daughter Grace is particularly significant.

“And Grace’s story, too. She’s someone who has this religious component. The bottom line is what we love is when you make this decision for a character and it impacts everyone, not just one part [of the story].”

The Good Wife airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on CBS.

[Image: The Good Wife/ CBS]

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