Kobe Bryant Takes All-Star Game Scoring Record Away From Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan had one of his records taken away on Sunday after Kobe Bryant became the NBA’s all-time points scorer during All-Star game play.

During his career Michael Jordan managed to rack up 262 points however with 4:57 seconds remaining in the third quarter Bryant broke that record, racking up 20 points for the game.

Bryant began the night with 244 points in the prior 13 All-Star games (in 2008 he played only 2 minutes and in 2010 he sat out to nurse an injury). he played in and quickly passed Oscar Robertson (246 points) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (251). Bryant also shares a record-tying four All-Star MVP awards. What makes his record most impressive is that he left with injury in 2010 and played only two minutes in 2008.

The record tying shots came during two free throws in the third quarter. Bryant then took a moment to wipe blood from his nose after taking a hard foul from Miami’s Dwayne Wade.

Kobe Bryan’s record is all that more impressive when considering that he has played in one less All-Star game then Michael Jordan (when you subtract his 2 minutes of play in 2008) who finished 13 contests during his time spent in the NBA.

While Bryant’s scoring record is impressive, Michael Jordan was known for having fun during the league’s All-Star game, spending more time passing the ball then showboating as Kobe Bryan has been known to do during the NBA All-Star game.

Do you think Kobe Bryant has proven himself to be a better All-Star player then Michael Jordan or do his NBA All-Star game numbers only reflect his showboating ball hog ways?