T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge Pre-Orders Filled With Scratches And Dead Pixels

T-Mobile has gone from being a third-rate carrier to completely changing the wireless industry in just three years. But that doesn’t mean they have a right to skip the quality control process for their new phones. Android Authority reveals a problem some T-Mobile customers are having with their Galaxy S6 Edge units, which have shipped early.

“Several users on XDA Developers and Reddit have reported a troubling issue involving the screen of the Galaxy S6 Edge having quality control issues. Specifically, there are fine scratches all over the screen and, in the case of Erica Griffin, a crevice deep enough that it can be felt when running a fingernail across it. Some have already gone about returning the products to T-Mobile, only for the second (replacement) to have the exact same problems.”

T-Mobile has yet to comment on the problems. Who knows — perhaps they will come out and say that the scratches are part of the design. But what about the dead pixels? How all these Galaxy S6 Edge units got past quality control is a complete mystery. There haven’t been any reports on customers having problems with the regular Galaxy S6 units.

T-Mobile isn’t the first carrier to experience problems with a major smartphone release. Anybody remember the Palm Pre in June of 2009? The new smartphone was supposed to bring Sprint back from the dead. Instead, there were instant reports of dead pixels, broken keyboards, and other defects. Half of the units sold ended up being returned and both Sprint and Palm suffered as a result of the debacle.

It’s likely that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge won’t suffer the same fate as the Palm Pre did. However, it’s an issue that cannot be ignored. Some people are telling the T-Mobile customers to just deal with the scratches. However, as user jms.flynn says on the XDA Developers forum, customers shouldn’t have to accept defective units.

“Different strokes for different folk. If I drop a grand on something like this I want it perfect out the box. If scratches are there because of the way the screen is made or any other reason, manufacturing issue or not, it is still visible scratches.”

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge officially go on sale Friday, April 10. T-Mobile customers have received their units early and it’s likely that the same will happen for Verizon and AT&T subscribers who pre-ordered one of the new smartphones. Are you a T-Mobile customer who has received a scratched Galaxy S6 Edge? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: XDA Developers]