LG And Google In Talks To Create New Nexus Smartphone

The team at LG could soon be in the process of creating Google’s newest Nexus Smartphone model, that according to CNET who spoke with LG’s smartphone division head, Ramchan Woo.

While the Google Nexus line was first helped along by HTC has never been the best selling Google Android smartphone on the market. Sales have been moderate at best but the devices released under the Nexus name have always worked to showcase the highest standards in technology expected from future Google Android based devices.

LG’s deal would also mean that the company could jump ahead of some competitors by being the first carrier to release major updates to the Android operating system.

At this time Google and LG have not disclosed any specifics about their partnership.

If LG can make the most of the partnership they could create the next popular Smartphone, after all Samsung was able to take over much of the Android market with their Galaxy line of Smartphones after initially launching the Google Nexus S and the current Galaxy Nexus.

A smartphone release may not be the only partnership in the works, it’s also believed that LG could take the Nexus brand to the tablet and Google TV market.

It’s not clear when the new LG led Google Nexus Smartphone may arrive however Google Android’s next release known as Jelly Bean is expected for a spring release, perhaps during the company’s traditional Android launching platform at the June I/O conference.

Would you be willing to make the jump over to the LG brand of Smartphones if it comes with the backing of Google and the newest in Google Android technology?